How To Become Allergy Free – 5 Steps You Need To Know.


How To Become Allergy FreeWe always look for some “miracle” pill to cure our sickness. Searching for the best allergy medicine will not help you to become allergy free.  It often puts you even father from the goal of achieving 100% relief.

Only a holistic allergy treatment approach will lead you to become allergy free and to restore your good health.

    • First, I want you know that it is Real to become allergy free and free from sicknesses caused by allergy.  I have proved this through my 20 year journey of restoring my health.
    • Second, I am going to show you ‘step by step’ the way to become allergy free and restore your health.  The steps are simple to understand and easy to follow.
    • Third, it is imperative for you to be persistent and disciplined in order to become healthy again.

You might ask what I mean by “holistic approach”.  It is more than just relating to natural therapies and alternative medicine.  Holistic approach refers to the whole person’s health: body, mind, environment, relationships, and purpose of life.

The Western medical system is based on the illness and drug model.  Using modern equipment and laboratory tests, physicians are taught to diagnose solely the ‘health problem and prescribe the drug therapy to treat the symptoms of the illness.  They are not focused on how to help the individual get his/her total health back.

As a result, our body imbalance becomes worse and our immune system gives up on us.  We slowly become sicker by the day.

I will NOW share with you the story of how I became allergy and sickness free!

I originally had a strong allergy to different foods, a seasonal allergy with coughing, running nose, chronic sever migraine headaches, chronic abdominal pains with gastritis, bile reflux, gallbladder pain, nausea, back pain, gynecological problems, lack of energy, anemia, and emotional problems.  Quite a handful.

My initial food intolerance, seasonal allergy, migraine, bile reflux, and gallbladder pains developed after appendix removal at the age of 18 in Moscow, Russia.  I had been struggling with my sicknesses for several years till I met my osteopath chiropractor and a Tibetan Naturopath Doctor.  They began helping me to manage my sickness.  After having osteopath treatments, practicing Chinese energy exercise and taking Tibetan herbs, I was able to function better with less pain. Unfortunately, the sickness remained.  I felt good for one to two weeks, and then became sick again for several days.

It became a bigger challenge after I had my daughter at the age of 40 and moved from Russia to the U.S.  The birth and move had a large negative physical impact on my body.  I became sick almost every day with constant migraine headaches, bile reflux, stomach pains, nausea, seasonal allergies and intolerance for most foods.

Since I did not know a good osteopath chiropractor, I decided to try Western medical doctors.  I spent thousands of dollars on numerous tests, including blood tests, endoscopy, ultra sounds and etc.  I tried all kinds of migraine pills, stomach pills for acid, bile reflux and allergy medications.  I was advised to do several surgeries for gallbladder removal and for my bile reflux with no guaranty of any cure.

All of these treatments made me feel WORSE than ever.

Luckily, I decided to seek elsewhere before having surgery.  I remembered how long it took for my body to recover from my previous surgery.

On top of my health issues, my two year old daughter began to show signs of food allergies.  She could not eat most foods without breaking out in rashes on the face and eczema on her legs.

No DairyI felt desperate and had to find a way to stop this madness.  By then we lived in Saratoga Springs, NY, which as name would suggest is famous for its many natural mineral springs.  Many go there for natural health and spa treatments. There are a lot of holistic doctors in Saratoga Springs.  After searching for couple months, I met a woman who told me about her three year daughter, who had severe allergy reaction to all dairy products.  She told me that after certain acupuncture treatments her daughter became healthy again.  She now can eat all dairy products.

At first my husband and I were skeptical as this sounded too good to be true. As I was desperate, I decided to give acupuncture a try.

This is how I met a Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (‘NAET’) doctor and learned about this revolutionary allergy eliminating techniques.

NAET –is the revolutionary and holistic treatment for the permanent elimination of food, seasonal and environmental allergy.

During our first visit, the NAET doctor tested my daughter and me for allergies.  She found out that we were both allergic to most vitamins, minerals, foods, smells, grasses, trees, etc.  She then treated us for eggs mix during the first visit.

Being exposed to allergy items such as eggs in small amounts every day affects your immune system over time.  Gradually, your entire body (organs, skin, circulation, bones, joints, etc.) become seriously ill.

Imagine if you are allergic to a hundred things how difficult it would be for your immune system to do its job and protect you from each.

The next day, my daughter and I both had eggs for breakfast.  My daughter looked normal with no rash. I had no stomach pain.  I was very excited to see this result and to get my first indication that NAET works.  I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I knew that I had found the treatment that would help us to become healthy again.  After several treatments in Saratoga Springs,  NY,

we had to move to Minneapolis, MN because of my husband’s job. I found another NAET practitioner there and continued my treatments, eventually eliminating my daughter’s and my allergies – one by one.

As a result, I decided to learn as much as possible about NAET. My NAET doctor recommended a book written by the founder of NAET, Dr.Devi S. Nambudripad

So, I read my first NAET book Say Good-Bye to Illness (3rd Edition) by Dr. Nambudripad.  I was very impressed by the book, learning a l

ot from it.  I even have discovered the same health problems I had in the book.

After reading the book, I became even more convinced that this is the Way to get our good health back.

You are luckier than I am.  You do not need to suffer for twenty years, as I did, before finding the answer.


This video was published by a certified NAET practitioner Carylann Bautz CNC, CMT.

 So in summary, the following is the way to become allergy free:

1. Learn about Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique (NAET) on my website and from her book “Say Good-Bye to Illness (3rd Edition)

2. Find your local NAET practitioners.  It is important to find one that has certifications from Dr. Devi Namburipad’s school.  Dr. Nambudripad is very strict in granting her certificates.  Many claim to be NAET doctors without ever having the proper training and education.  Protect yourself from visiting imitators and wasting your time and money.  Go to the NAET website   to find a certified practitioner.  You can read all the credentials and certifications there as well;

3. Then make an appointment with a certified NAET doctor;

4. After consultation and treatments with your NAET doctor it will be very BENEFICIAL to visit a chiropractor.  This is what I did and it helped me tremendously.  I recommend that you ask your NAET doctor for the referral to a chiropractor as there are so many to choose from.  Unfortunately not all of the chiropractors  provide the quality of treatment necessary for good health.  It sometimes appears there are more chiropractors than fast food restaurants;

5. Finally, you may need to get Naturopathic supplements to help restore and support your immune system.

In future posts, I will be write more  about what allergy is, what causes it, seasonal and food allergy treatments with NAET doctor, sickness caused by allergy, child allergy, self-diagnose, self-treatment, naturopath supplements, organic vitamins, etc..


Do not wait! Get your own life in your hands and start restoring your good health.

If you have any questions regarding my post, please leave them below.  I will be sure to get back to you within next 24 hours (often much quicker).


To your good health,







  1. I am not a fan of current Western medicine… When the pills you take to cure one thing can cause ten more problems, that just does not work for me. You have some very interesting information here and I appreciate you sharing it!

    • Hello James..Thank you for reading my post. I am happy to meet people who share my belief in alternative health treatment approaches. Western medicine has its place saving lives in the emergency situations. However, in my opinion, it does pretty poor job dealing with chronic diseases offering us only long term medications with harmful side effects or an unnecessary surgery.
      If you have any question about any health problems please let me know.
      Take care,

  2. That’s a very good informative article on allergy issue, Tanya. I have bookmarked your site. I will surely come back for more.

    • Hello Michael… Thank you for stopping by here. I am very glad that you found the information useful. Most of us do not realize that a lot of our health problems are related to allergies. I will write more about it in my next posts.
      My goal is to help people sharing everything I know about allergy, allergy related health problems and the healthy life style that prevent us to develop the new allergies. It is only my first post. I am working on the new one.
      Take care,

  3. Dear Tanya,
    I really love your posts and I am totally with you when it comes to taking the holistic approach. My boyfriend was suffering from all kinds of allergies and the only thing that really helped him was a drastic change of his eating habits recommended by an alternative physician. My parents and his parents were very skeptic, but in the end, it was the best idea of all and he’s almost free of his allergies. Keep up the great work!
    All the best,
    Vanessa =)

  4. Great information. While I don’t get allergies my children do and so does my wife. Gonna have her check your site out further. Thanks for having this information available

  5. Jut clicked on link to get her book. it said you can no longer get it, might you have some copies or an idea where to get it ?

    • Hello Dave..Thank you very much for letting me know that the link is expired. I changed it today. So, you can look at the book now.

      To your good health,

  6. I was wondering, how severe was your reflux? Was it mostly in your throat or was it a combination? Along side that, did you have frequent belching? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hello Bnejamin.. To answer to your question, I had a sever bile reflux with following symptoms: bile in my stomach and throat, gastritis, nausea and constant vomiting bile, terrible headaches and stomachaches, problem with digesting any foods I ate. I was a real mess. At some point, I stop eating most of foods, lost 30 pounds, had to sleep sitting up in a chair because a bile was hurting my throat. It was very bad. I had no desire to live with such pain. The worst part was that Western doctor could not help me. It was a very scary period for me because I had a little 3 years old daughter to take care. I quit my job and barely functioned at home. Luckily, I did not loose my hope and kept searching for a help. And I found NAET treatments which saved my life. This is my story. If you have more questions, please let me know. To your good health, Tanya

      • Hi , I am suffering with bile reflux , the bile binders are not working. I have constant burning. My right side near liver is always hot. Did Naet therapy help. Is the one certified near Middletown , ct

  7. i find your information very useful could u please send me and email so i can ask you a few questions Thanks For getting me that far.

  8. Tanya, I love your site and what you are offering people. Hopefully, one day, we will have more folks concentrating on treating the problem rather than treating the symptoms. I’m so sorry you had such a miserable journey to get to where you are. Best wishes to you.

    • Hello Harold.. Thank you very much for your nice words. I really appreciate it. NAET is a truly amazing holistic treatment that helps people to get their good health back. I was very lucky to find NAET. Honestly, I do not think I will be alive by now if I did not have NAET treatments. I am very glad to see that more and more people start looking for alternative holistic treatments. Western medicine does a great job in emergency situations. However, in the case of chronic diseases their approach is treating the symptoms not the cause of the sickness. NAET eliminates the problem – allergy to different substances. As a result, symptoms go away.

      Thank you,
      To your good health,

  9. Great site Tanya with lots of info. Can’t believe I had not ever heard of NATE. Ordered your book and plan to do further research. Thanks. Have a great week end.

  10. This is great information, but I am in Australia, so can anyone help me
    In Australia?

  11. I have all year round sinus allergy for many years and would like to try NAET. How do you know which NAET practicer is good?

  12. Please tell me about treatment for bile reflux…..I am from India
    I travelling by bile reflux disease from last 1 year ….try many doctor & medicine but problem can’t solve please give me your suggestion

    • Hello Nikhil..I have cured my bile reflux by eliminating allergy reaction to approximately 55 different substances including different minerals, foods, vitamins, chemicals, etc. I was allergic even to my own stomach acid and enzymes which caused constant 24 hours stomach pain. It was done through NAET treatments.

      Please read more in my post:http://allergyfreeforeverway.com/holistic-allergy-treatment-does-it-really-work. If you check all pages of this website, you will find the answers for all questions about NAET. In addition, please check all questions and comments from other readers.

      In summary, I will recommend you to find a NAET doctor near the place you live, set up an appointment and start your NAET treatments as soon as possible. The NAET doctor should explained to you in details what causes a bile reflux in your case.

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me.

      To your good health,


  13. My symptoms are exactly identical to everything you’ve explained, Tanya. The bile reflux scares me. Im 23 and it’s been going strong, on and off, for a year now. I’ve just completed my first NAET visit, inspired by this website. I’m excited to see how this goes. I’m very sensitive to my environment so I’m hoping this gives me some answers.

    • Hello Austin.. I am very glad that your found the information here inspiring and helpful. Hope you found a certified NAET practitioner who is helping you now to fight your bile reflux.

      It will be great if you share your progress here. From my experiences, it takes time to get better and balance your body. So, just be patient, work through as many NAET treatment as necessary and you should start feeling better.

      If you have any questions let me know.

      To your good health,


  14. Hi Tanya:
    I have been reading a lot about NAET and one of the things I learned was that you needed to stay from that particular offending allergy for twenty-five hours after being treated for it. In the testimony above abuot the mother and child, the testimony said they had eggs for breakfast the next morning. It just didn’t add up for me. Any explanation?

    • Bhagwatee..You are absolutely correct that in order to make sure that the NAET treatment works, after the NAET treatment performed you should stay away from the treated allergen for 25 hours. I am not sure why it says differently in that video. I suppose that the video creator made a mistake. My daughter and I always follow the NAET recommendations and had no issue with it. I know that some people who did not avoid the treated allergen for 25 hours had to repeat the NAET treatment.

      Hope this clarifies your question.

      To your good health.


  15. Hi Tanya,
    thank you very much for this page. I ve never heard of NAET. Im struggeling with bile reflux and gall bladder issues for almost 5 years. Last year , homeopathy helped me a lot but the still comes back. Please can I ask you few things per email? thank you very much for spreading hope.

    • Hello Sasanna.. I usually answer for any questions in the comments section below. But as an exception I will forward to your email my email address and I will answer to you as soon as I can.

      To your good health.


  16. Hello Tanya,

    Thank your for all the info. I have dogs and I have bad allergies and asthma from them, I refuse to give them up but I’m so exhausted from all the itchy eyes, runny nose, asthma and cough!! And using all the meds to cover all that..
    I live in Japan and I really hope I find one. Do you think this method helps with this type of allergy?

    • Hello Afnan..NAET definitely can eliminate allergies to dogs. Friend of mine had the same issue with dogs. My NAET doctor helped her to eliminate it and now she has no problems.

      You can find the NAET doctor near you here: https://www.naet.com/practitioner-locator/. I found around 25 NAET doctors in Japan.

      Hope this helps.

      To your good health.


  17. Hi Tanya,
    Thank you for the helpful information about NAET procedure and treatment. We have recently had a NEAT appointment with a NEAT doctor to test some allergen on our 23-month-old daughter who has suffered from eczema since birth (getting worse the fast 6 months). The test found out she is sensitive to many normal food/ nutrition, such as vitamin a.b.c.d., legume, grains, beef, some fruits, corn, pumpkin, and etc (and maybe more since the test seemed not completed yet). Following the 1st test, our daughter was treated for “environmental chemical” and we were told to avoid the “environmental chemical” including tap water, laundry detergent… for 5 days. I think the 1st treatment was failed since we are unprepared on how to avoid the environmental chemical which is everywhere. Even though we use soap to wash our clothes, people that our daughter encounters in the child care, or just the strangers walking by her would have the laundry detergent residue or smell anyway, and it seems impossible for her to not contact with these for 5 days. Besides clothes, the off-gas from the furniture is another environmental chemical source even staying at home. Thus, my first question is
    1. How to avoid “environmental chemical” right after the treatment? What is your experience on this?
    2. the second question is related to your article that you suggested to see a chiropractor after the NAET treatments. Do you mean by the chiropractor visit after each NAET treatment? Or waiting until completing all NAET treatments and then seeing the chiropractor regularly? Our daughter has seen a pediatric chiropractor about once a month for a year to make sure her gross motor milestones and just started weekly visit the past month to help to build up her immune system. Thus, I would like to clarify this question when we start intensive NAET treatment.
    3. What the frequency of NAET treatment you would suggest on weekly basis?
    Thank you very much ~


    • Hello Janet,

      1. According to my NAET doctor the environmental chemical allergies are the toughest ones to eliminate. However, with the right approach significant improvement can be achieved.

      I was pretty sensitive to some smells and chemicals as well. However, before treating me for chemicals and smells, my NAET doctor first treated me for many basic essential nutrients. These included: proteins, calcium, vitamins C, B, and A, sugars, iron, trace minerals, salt, corn, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, grain, spices, fats, yeast, nuts, vegetable proteins (beans), alcohol, gums, gelatin, starches, food colors, food additives, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, hormones, pesticides, parasites, chemicals, fabrics and bacteria.

      Your daughter’s list are obliviously different than mine. But she needs to be checked to all basic essential elements.

      After eliminating so many triggers, my body and immune system became much stronger and I noticed that I didn’t react so much to some chemicals and smells anymore. It takes some time for your body to get your balance back. Luckily, children react much faster as their bodies are still clean from many toxins and their body energy runs very fast. My daughter reacted pretty fast for all her treatments.

      As far as I know this is a standard NAET approach that should be used by all certified NAET doctor. I am wondering why your NAET doctor used the different approach targeting the environmental chemicals right away.

      2. I am surprised that you were recommended avoiding the contact to environmental chemicals for 5 days. Usually according to the standard NAET procedure, it should be only 25 hours. Even this can be pretty challenging. But it is possible. You need keeping your little girl at home for 25 hours trying your best avoiding the recommended substances.

      Please read more details what you should experience during your first visit of the certified NAET doctor here.

      Based on what you said about your experience, I would recommend checking your NAET doctor credentials and considering to visit another NAET doctor for the second opinion.

      3. My daughter didn’t visit chiropractor, but I did as I had many issues with my back and bile refluxe side effects and my NAET doctor recommended it as well. I think at this point, I would concentrate on NAET treatments for your little girl.

      4. At the beginning my daughter and I had 2 or 1 treatments a week. With this schedule, within 3-6 months many allergies can be eliminated.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.

      To your and your family good health.


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