Your Baby and Colic – Two Natural Cures!

cry newborn babyIf you are reading this article, you are most likely to be a bone-weary parent with a non-stop crying baby on your hands. You cannot figure out what is wrong with your little one. The problem most likely is:

Your Baby has Colic!!!!

Your little one refuses to eat and has trouble sleeping. It suffers abdominal pains and continually sucks on anything it can get little paws on. Your baby turns red and draws its legs up. Its stomach looks bloated. This happens at specific times of the day and night. You are worried and puzzled, not knowing what to do.

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Two Important Steps to Preventing Allergic Reaction to an Insect Bite!

0622141347aMany people react negatively to insect bites.  Most have only a minor allergic reaction, such as itching and swelling of the area around the bite. Others, like my 5 year old daughter, have a much stronger allergic reaction to an insect bite, developing huge red bumps, accompanied by terrible itching and swelling.  My daughter even refused to eat and could not sleep well for several days after receiving such bites.  Once, she had up to ten bleeding bites on her head that would not heel for a week. Some people even experience swelling of the entire body or go into anaphylactic shock.

An allergic reaction can result from any insect bite; including those from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders, flees, nets, ticks, etc.

Well known, and obvious, steps to avoiding allergic reaction to insects’ bites include:

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