Your First Experience with a Certified NAET Doctor – 7 Steps to a Successful Cure!

Medicine background concept glowingIf you want to protect yourself from a bad and potentially harmful experience, it is imperative you seek treatment from a certified NAET doctor. Please go to the NAET website to find a certified NAET doctor in your area.  Be sure to check their credentials there as well.

I will now describe- step by step – what you should experience during your first visit to a certified NAET doctor.  If you are offered a different “NAET” treatment, please be aware that it is most likely a fraud.

1.Upon arriving, the NAET doctor should first ask you to fill out an assessment form in order to assess your current health and document your medical history.  After assessing the form, the doctor should then address any concerns you may have.

2.You will then be asked to lie on your back while the NAET practitioner looks for the presence of allergic reactivity through Muscle Response Testing (MRT), as described below.

With MRT testing, the NAET doctor compares the strength Vials with liquid for medicine or scienceof your left hand muscles in the presence and absence of suspected allergen.  You will be asked to hold a small glass jar, called allergy vial, in your right handThe allergy vial contains a colorless liquid with small bits of allergen.  While holding the allergy vial, you are asked to raise your left hand while the NAET doctor pushes your left hand down, comparing its strength – with and without presence of allergen.  If your left hand goes down, it means you have an allergy to the substance in the vial.  If not, you have no allergy to that particular allergen.

The NAET doctor checks the presence of allergy to all the basic essential nutrients.  These include: proteins, calcium, vitamins C, B, and A, sugars, iron, trace minerals, salt, corn, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, grain, spices, fats, yeast, nuts, vegetable proteins (beans), alcohol, gums, gelatin, starches, food colors, food additives, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, hormones, pesticides, parasites, chemicals, fabrics and bacteria.


NAET Allergy Testing Demo by Dr. Devi Nambudripad was published by Lotus Institute of Integrated Medicine. In this Demo, Dr. Devi Nambudripad uses fruits and food products to make the MRT testing demonstration more comprehended. Usually, in an office, a NAET doctor uses allergy vials as I described above.

In my case, I was allergic to all the basic nutrients – and other substances as well.  As a result, I showed a strong allergy to various foods, seasonal allergy, chronic sever migraine headaches, chronic abdominal pains with gastritis, bile reflux, gallbladder pain, nausea, back pain, gynecological problems, lack of energy, anemia, and emotional problems.  What a mess!

Upon completing the initial MRT testing as described above, the NAET doctor should then compile a list of the vitamins, minerals, foods, chemicals, pesticides and other substances to which you are allergic.

MRT testing is an absolutely painless test that you can learn to perform on yourself after a period of time.  You can read more about this in Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad’s book “Say Good-Bye to Illness”.

Currently Western medical allergists have several options for diagnosing allergies.  Options include various blood tests such as the RAST and ELIZA, scratch, patch and intradermal tests.  Patients who have had these tests know how painful and inaccurate they are, especially in identifying food allergies.

3. Next, the NAET practitioner will most likely recommend a treatment order, based on your particular situation.

Usually this is a mix of allergens from a particular group (e.g. in egg mix: egg white, egg yolk, chicken, tetracycline and feathers).  Treating several mixed allergens at the same time helps to eliminate the allergy to certain allergen all at once.  For example, if you are treated only for eggs without chicken that has the same protein as in eggs, you will still be in contact with other allergens.  Thus, the treatment will not work.  It is the same for all others allergen mixes.  These allergy vials are the ingenious invention of Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad.

4.After completing MRT testing, the actual treatment begins. You will be asked to lie on your stomach, this time holding an allergy vial in your right hand, pressed to your forehead throughout the treatment.  At the same time, the thumb and a middle finger of your left hand should be pressed together.

5.The NAET doctor will then give you breathing instructions, while massaging certain acupressure points on your back.  This only takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

6.After finishing the acupressure manipulation, you will be asked to lie on your back while holding the allergy vial for exactly 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the NAET doctor will massage your ten gait acupuncture points.

The first part of your NAET treatment is now finished!

Please remember that the second part of NAET treatment, described in step 7 below, is as IMPORTANT as the first.

7.You must avoid completely all contact with the allergen for the next 25 hours.  You cannot eat, breath, or touch the treated allergen.  You might consider wearing rubber gloves and mask to avoid contact.  If, by some chance, you come in contact with the allergen, you must repeat the entire treatment.

Your NAET doctor will give you detailed instruction as to what you can, and cannot, do during the 25 hour period.

It may take anywhere from 10 to 40 visits, depending on your condition, to see significant results. The list of allergens might be very long, as it was in the case of my daughter and me. Or, it may be a much shorter period, as it was for my husband.

After completing the basic treatment with a NAET practitioner, you may begin learning allergy self-diagnoses and self-treatment protocol.  In my next post “Muscle Testing Allergies Can Restore Your Health – Proven Techniques!”, I will explain in details allergy self-diagnoses and self-treatment techniques.

Please REMEMBER, in all circumstances, you MUST NOT try to perform the first NAET diagnosis and treatment yourself.  It is very dangerous and might be life threatening, especially for people with anaphylactic history.  All initial steps of the NAET treatment must be performed by a certified NAET doctor.

High temperaturesIt is important to be aware that people with a history of ANAPHYLAXIS should consult their NAET doctor for every step of their treatment.  No self-treatment or self-diagnoses should be attempted without prior consultation with a certified NAET doctor!  Usually patients with a history of anaphylaxis must have treatment through a surrogate.

I will explain in my post “Natural Allergy Cure for Children that will Change your Family’s Life Forever” how treatment through a surrogate works.  This is how my 4 years old daughter was successfully treated for approximately 30 different allergies.

Do you have anybody in your family, or friends, who have food or seasonal allergy?

If so, help for them is at hand.  You just need to assist them find it.   I will do my best to help you in this endeavor.

Please post any questions you may have and I will  be sure to get back to you within the next 24 hours, if not sooner.

To your good health,




    • My one NAET doctor’s treatment costs $80. Some doctors charge more or less. This is up to NAET specialist. Usually it is not covered by insurance companies, but I right it off from my tax income as medical expenses.

  1. I checked and our Dr is on the NAET practitioner page but she isn’t at the ‘Certified’ level, she’s a ‘Foundation’ practitioner. I asked my daughter if she had her hold the vial up to her forehead and then position her left hand fingers with the thumb and middle finger touching and she did not. This was using the BBF vial. Should she have done the previously mentioned actions with BBF? If so this Dr isn’t following protocol. What would you recommend?

    • Hello Kristi again.. If your Doctor is on the official NAET website, it means he/she at least had some courses there. However, I am concerned that your doctor uses different protocol. I recommend you to watch your girls treatments and send me here what you will see, step by step. I will ask my certified NAET doctor if it is proper and effective to perform NAET treatment that way.

      Thank you,


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