Muscle Testing Allergies Can Restore Your Health – Proven Techniques!

Do it Yourself - Orange ButtonMillions of people around the world suffer from “mysterious” health problems. Seeking help, they visit doctors, undergo painful and expensive tests, take vast quantities of medication, and even undergo multiple surgeries. Many are not aware that they may be suffering from undiagnosed allergies. There are several tests used by holistic doctors that help to detect these allergies. One of the most effective and accurate is Muscle Response Testing (‘MRT’).
MRT is one of the tools used by kinesiologists to test imbalance in the body. The same muscle test is used in detecting allergies that cause allergy related diseases.

In my post “Your First Experience with a Certified NAET Doctor – 7 Steps to a Successful Cure!”, I explain how NAET practitioner performs MRT testing.

Our bodies have a way of letting us know when we are in trouble! When we go near allergens, our brain begins producing warning singles in our body that include sneezing attacks, watery eyes, body and facial rashes, raspy throat, unexplained pains throughout the body, sudden tiredness, headaches, etc. MRT is a great tool that can be used to determine the same allergens in our surrounding that we were warned by our brain before.
Since, you cannot run to your NAET doctor every day to test for allergies, it is crucial to learn how to perform muscle testing yourself.
In her book Say Good-Bye to Illness“, Dr. Nambudripad, the founder Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (‘NAET’) states that with simple practice, anyone can learn self-muscle testing.

There are two types of self muscle testing: “oval ring” or “o” ring test” and “finger-on-finger test”.

Some prefer the “oval ring” or “o” ring test. I personally prefer the “finger-on-finger test”, which I found easier to learn and perform.

I explain below – step by step – how you can learn and perform “finger-on-finger” self muscle test.

Step 1. Select two items, the first to which you think you are not allergic and the second to which you know you are allergic. In my case, I selected the banana, to which I am not allergic, and cheese, to which I know I am allergic.

Step 2. Hold the non-allergic item (in my case the banana) in your right hand and test the allergy with your left hand by placing your middle finger against the index finger of your left hand as shown on the picture below. Then, try to push your index finger down. If the finger muscle remains firm, it means you are not allergic to the item (in my case the banana).

Step 3. Hold the suspected allergic item (in my case the piece of cheese) in your right hand and test the allergy with the left hand.
Place your middle finger against the index finger of your left hand as shown on the picture below. Now, try to push your index finger down. If the finger muscle goes weak and you can easily push the finger down, it means you are allergic to the tested item (in my case, the cheese).

Step 4. Keep practicing these steps with different items until you become confident of your results. Some master this quickly; for others, it may take hours or even days.
Be sure to rub your hands together for about 30 seconds between tests in order to interrupt the energy flows generated between the fingertips from the previous test.
While performing the test, it is very important to listen to your body and yourself. After about 2 weeks, my test results became very accurate. I confirmed my testing results with my NAET doctor.

I perform the “finger-on-finger test” test every time my family tries new foods or intends to start using new products such as new house chemicals, perfumes, soaps, etc. The test even works when I try new foods at restaurants.

Everyone should learn how to detect their allergies!

If NAET allergies treatment is not available in your area, you can at least avoid the allergens and protect yourself from painful experiences.

All this will help you become healthier!

Please REMEMBER, if you have a history of ANAPHYLAXIS you MUST NOT try to perform self muscle testing without prior consultation with a certified NAET doctor! It is very dangerous and might be life threatening. Usually patients with a history of anaphylaxis must have test and treatment through a surrogate.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I will be sure to get back to you within next 24 hours (often much quicker).

To your good health,


  1. I truly am interested in your technique as I have exhausted every medical option and all I am getting is more and more prescriptions for bills. I am very keen to pursue alternative solutions and welcome your help please.

    • Hello Siobhan..I am very glad that you became very interested in self-testing and self-treatment NAET technique. I practice self-testing everyday and in some cases perform self-treatment. In my next post “How NAET Self-testing Can Help You to Restore Your Health”, I will explain in details allergy self-diagnoses and self-treatment techniques. It should be published shortly.
      However, please REMEMBER, in all circumstances, you MUST NOT try to perform the first NAET treatment yourself. It is very dangerous and might be life threatening, especially for people with anaphylactic history. All initial steps of the NAET treatment must be performed by a certified NAET doctor.
      After completing the basic treatment with a NAET practitioner and with his permission, you may begin learning allergy self-treatment protocol.
      If you have more question, please let me know.
      All the best,

  2. I’ve been doing NAET for over 3 years. I have no serious allergy the gives me anaphylaxis. I’m constantky needing treatments and I cannot afford them anymore. I know how to muscle test very well and have the basic idea on how to treat an allergen. Do you think we could talk and you could instruct me a little bit more on what I need to do. I know between my husband I we can work on my allergy treatments. I have Dr. Nambudripad’s guide book and been reading through it.

    • Hello Holly… It seems you definitely need to learn NAET self-treatment method as soon as possible.
      I cannot instruct or teach you since I do not have any NAET certifications. Only certified NAET doctor can teach you self-treatment.
      I suggest you ask your current NAET doctor to teach you self-treatment. After practicing for some time, you can help yourself at home. My NAET doctor taught me how to do it and I perform it any time I have an allergic reaction to some substances like new chemicals, smells, etc at home.

      If you have more question, please let me know.
      To your good health,

  3. Hello,
    I would love to speak to you via email about my situation. I was diagnosed with GERD, now on Nexium and want to get off.
    I just started NAET treatments. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance.

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