Your Baby and Colic – Two Natural Cures!

cry newborn babyIf you are reading this article, you are most likely to be a bone-weary parent with a non-stop crying baby on your hands. You cannot figure out what is wrong with your little one. The problem most likely is:

Your Baby has Colic!!!!

Your little one refuses to eat and has trouble sleeping. It suffers abdominal pains and continually sucks on anything it can get little paws on. Your baby turns red and draws its legs up. Its stomach looks bloated. This happens at specific times of the day and night. You are worried and puzzled, not knowing what to do.

Colic is a disorder that usually occurs during the first 3 to 4 months after the baby is brought home from the hospital.

First, I will present the cause of colic disorder. Then I will give two proven natural treatments that can alleviate your baby’s suffering from this disorder.

  1. The Cause of Colic Disorder:

Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the founder of Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (‘NAET’), states that colic disorder is simply ‘pylorospasm’ caused by allergens.

Pylorospasm is a spasm at the end of the stomach region called the pylorus.

According to Wikipedia, the pylorus is the region of the stomach that connects to the duodenum. The contents of the stomach empty into the intestines through the pylorus.  The pylorus is surrounded by folds of mucous containing circular muscular fibers. When an allergy occurs, it causes the muscular fibers contract spasmodically. It is similar to the contraction of the bronchial tubes in asthma. Allergy Blue MarkerThis very painful condition causes the child cry continuously.

In her book “Say Good-Bye to Illness”, Dr. Nambudripad says that most children with colic disorder are allergic to their mother’s milk, their formula, or whatever liquid they may be drinking.

In severe cases, children with severe colicky pains, skin rashes, huge hives, ulceration of the gums, heavy tongue coating, dipper rushes, frequent colds and high fever have been found to be allergic to most of the nutrients and food they ingest.

2.  Two Natural Treatments to Alleviate Your Baby’s Suffering:

The two natural treatments for alleviating your baby’s suffering from colic disorder are:

  • Permanent – NAET holistic treatment; and

  • Temporally natural remedies.

Baby Colic

  • NAET treatments eliminate the main cause of baby colic – an allergy to liquids: mother’s milk and the formula and/or certain nutrients. As a result, your baby will stop suffering from colic pain.

NAET is completely natural and painless. Anybody can be treated with NAET, including newborn babies.

None of prescribed medications or natural remedies can help children with severe colic symptoms. Though, these infants can be successfully treated through NAET.

I describe how to treat your baby’s allergies with NAET holistic treatment in my posts “How to Become Allergy Free – 5 Steps You Need to Know” and “Natural Allergy Cure for Children that will Change your Family’s Life Forever!”.

  • For children with mild colic symptoms, several natural remedies can provide a temporary relief:
  1. A few drops of apple cider vinegar added to the baby formula or water;
  2. Anise tea – 1 tea spoon before meals;
  3. Ginger tea after meals and the time of attack;
  4. Colic Calm – a homeopathic blend of chamomile, fennel, caraway, peppermint, ginger, aloe, lemon balm, blackthorn and vegetable charcoal.

YouTube video “Colic Calm – Seeing Is Believing”  was published by Colic Calm.

Dr. Nambudripad states that infants with colic are good candidates for future allergy reactions.

My daughter’s case is one of many confirming Dr. Nambudripad’s theory that baby colic disorder is the first sign of future serious allergy problems. My daughter’s severe colic pains started in the first month.  When I changed her formula, her colic pains subsided; but, she began developing rashes on her face and body after eating certain foods. Unfortunately, five years ago I did not know about NAET treatment.  I could not find natural remedies to help my little girl. This was a very difficult time for me and my family.

I was not aware at the time that this was only the beginning of my daughter’s serious allergy problems.

My daughter’s allergy issues became much worse by the age of 2. Her digestive system stopped working properly.  My daughter could not eat most foods without breaking out in rashes on her face and eczema on her legs.  Because of the lack of nutrients, she developed vitamin deficiency and became anemic.

Two years ago, my daughter was successfully treated for approximately 30 different allergies through NAET. What you should expect during the NAET treatment can be read in my post “Your First Experience with a Certified NAET Doctor – 7 Steps to a Successful Cure!”.

Beautiful patient with newborn baby in bedAfter completing NAET treatments, she could eat almost any food without developing an allergy reaction. If I now notice small rashes on her face when eating something new, I use self-diagnoses and self-treatment technique to eliminate the allergy. It brings her body back into homeostasis.

If your baby has colic, it is essential to find and eliminate their allergies as soon as possible. Doing so will not only alleviate your child’s suffering from colic pain; but, also prevent future serious sickness caused by allergies.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.  I will be sure to get back to you within next 24 hours (often much quicker).

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  1. We avoided colic by using the methods described by Gina Ford (I know she’s hated but I do not care if someone doesn’t like her, I care if my baby is ok and not crying) more accurately by properly breastfeeding. A few of our friends were not as lucky and they were helped either by fennel tea or by Biogaia drops.

    Colic definitely are one of those things where it is better to be a bit paranoid and prevent them than to have to cure it.

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