Bentonite Clay Benefits for Bile Reflux Sufferers You May Not Have Known.

 I had been suffering from food allergies, bile reflux and migraine headaches for 20 years.  Out of desperation, four years ago I began using Bentonite Clay without consulting a doctor. Unwittingly, I realized the Bentonite Clay benefits that helps bile reflux sufferers. I settled on Bentonite Clay after reading hundreds of posts and on-line reviews.

As soon as I tried Yerba Prima Bentonite for the first time, I felt immediate relief from pain in my stomach, esophagus and from nausea. Bentonite Clay helped me tremendously while I was undergoing NAET treatments.

I continue using Bentonite Clay today to relieve digestive discomfort and nausea whenever I am not careful what foods I eat. Continue Reading